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4 Ways to Produce the Perfect Product Displays

Posted on: April 07,2016 by

Whether you’re designing, manufacturing or hiring a company to produce your in-store displays, it is important to make sure your end product will keep customers coming back for more. Some products can..

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10 Facts about Retail That You Really Should Know

Posted on: April 18,2016 by

We thought we would share with you some statistics that prove just how important product display and store image really is. Take a look.....

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Are High Street Stores Still Important?

Posted on: July 25,2016 by

Type anything to do with converting store visitors into repeat customers and you will be bombarded with news articles talking about converting online visitors. We understand the ever-changing nature o..

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The One Where Jerry Cooked Us a BBQ

Posted on: July 10,2016 by

On Monday 11th July, the big bosses at Harrison Products decided to celebrate and say thank you to the sales team who worked extremely hard last month to reach all their targets...

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Store Displays: Do It Yourself Vs Hiring a Designer

Posted on: June 13,2016 by

When it comes to store displays, it is vital that you get it right. The way your store looks could make or break your sales, and that isn’t something you want to experiment with! In this article, we d..

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Promoting Your Brand In-store: Why Do It?

Posted on: July 29,2016 by

What is the importance of promoting your brand in-store? Is there a science behind store layout and product placement? In this new article we talk about attracting customers and making sure your brand..

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